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Services helicopter rescue emergency

One of the best companies of helicopter search and rescues service is VNH. With professional pilots, VNH can search and rescue quickly and safe.

The helicopter service must be responsive, able to search a wide area of interest, locate and recover personnel and stabilize casualties from all risk areas including mountainous terrain and the maritime environment.
Helicopter can move flexibly to disadvantaged areas. Therefore, they are used to search and rescue, especially in the mountains or on the sea
VNH has a technical staff of more than 200 persons who are well trained at domestic and foreign aviation institutes, colleges and holding professional certification of CAAV. They are qualified for maintenance and repair of all types of VNH’s helicopters: Mi-172, Mi-17, EC 120, EC 155B1, Super Puma AS 332L2, EC 225, thus ensuring full operational readiness of VNH’s fleet for the benefits of our customers.
To rescue an injured person in cases of emergency, people also can call immediately rescue helicopter.
Morever, VNH has provided Vietnam helicopter lease, Vietnam helicopter maintenance,Helicopter training center in Vietnam…


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