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The cost rent helicopters is very high

ietnam Helicopter Corporation (VNH) is the first of Vietnam helicopter lease services with high prices "expensive" in Vietnam: 200 million / hour / trip.

Helicopter Company Vietnam with 7 member units, but Vietnam helicopter lease service only includes 2 main units: North Helicopter Company and Southern Helicopter Company. Helicopter equipment of this company is equipped by 2 "mother" units procurement and distribution. The aircraft are mainly originating from the company Mil Moscow (Russia) and Eurocopter (France).

One of the most modern helicopter Corporation is a Vietnam Helicopter EC225 Super Puma MkII manufactured by Eurocopter (France) production. Each of the EC225 cost about 600 billion and this is one of the modern helicopter range in the world today. Vietnam Helicopter Company has purchased a total of 4 units from Eurocopter and has officially handed over one of them in early May 8/2013.
Besides Vietnam helicopter lease, VNH mainly mining and oil and gas service, and other services such as Vietnam helicopter tourism, Vietnam helicopter search and rescue, training services, flight service filming, photography; in service of cultural events - sports; fly geological exploration; flight medical emergency; hanging crane fly goods ...
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