Thứ Sáu, 27 tháng 12, 2013

Experience winter in Sapa by helicopter

Sapa is a tourist attractive and famous destination in the Northern mountainous region of Vietnam. With temperate climate, it is not although cold in winter, it snows so beautifully. There are many famous places and interesting customs and habits so that a lot of tourists select to visit Sapa.

  In winter, it is relatively cold; nevertheless, Sapa is still very attractive to tourists. Fields of white plum flowers and red peach flowers are covered in Winter of Sapa. Tourists will have opportunity to see snow-fall there. In the morning, tourists can enjoy wonderful and swinging view. Pure air and temperate climate in Sapa make tourists very comfortable. Moreover, Sapa is famous for markets with a lot of things such as souvenir, colorful traditional clothes, brocade dresses; beautiful orchid baskets; also delicious foods like grill food.

   To travel to Sapa, you can choose to go by train, car or tourism helicopter. If you join in a group with 10-20 persons, you can rent a tourism helicopter to travel to Sapa the fastest.

 Today, Vietnam Helicopter Company VNH provides services of tourism helicopter to experience Sapa, which is attractive to many domestic and foreign tourists.

 Refer to Tourism Helicopter Service of Vietnam Helicopter Company VNH for additional information
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