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Helicopter tourism lease in Vietnam

Do you travel to Vietnam and want to visit many tourist attractive places in a short time? Do you also want to enjoy the beauty of Vietnam at the high altitude? The best choice for you is absolutely helicopter tourism. With this service, tourists can go to a lot of famous beauty spots in Vietnam and view landscapes from high altitude.

Vietnam Helicopter Company VNH is one of the suppliers of helicopter tourism lease in Vietnam. There are a large amount of Vietnam beautiful destinations chosen to travel by helicopter such as Sapa, Ha Long Bay, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Con Dao and so on. During a day, tourists are able to go along coastline from Hue and Da Nang beach to Nha Trang beach in the Center Vietnam. Viewing from helicopter brings wonderful and joyful feeling, blue water, beautiful beach, white sand and pure air for tourists. It is not easy to have an interesting experience with traveling to helicopter. Therefore, helicopter is a perfect and luxurious service for tourists enjoying a new experience or a new form of tourism.

To serve more tourists and to toward to different types of tourists, Vietnam Helicopter Company VNH imports more modern helicopters. Pilots are also trained much more professionally.  Since then, many new flight lines to Vietnam beauty spots open. 

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